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Web Security Journal: There's been a flurry of discussion this week among Internet and Web standards heavy-hitters around WebSocket, the new communications protocol supported in Chrome 4 and Safari 5. What was the main issue? Is there some kind of fundamental security vulnerability with the WebSocket (WS) protocol? John Fallows: When surfing the Web, our browsers may communicate with Web servers via HTTP proxies that deliver many benefits, such as providing previously cached Web content more efficiently than repeatedly contacting the target server. These proxies may be either explicitly configured at the browser or they may form part of the general network topology to intercept the communication path implicitly. Securely encrypted Web communication cannot be intercepted by such proxies. Members of the Hypertext Bidirectional (HyBi) IETF Working Group recently comp... (more)

The Rules of #DigitalTransformation for Start-Ups | @ThingsExpo #BigData #AI #DX #IoT #SmartCities

I have had the opportunity to work for and around a good many start-ups during the course of my career.  Often the start-up founders would simply define a problem, develop a solution and launch a company.  The marketing department would then do their very best to identify the individuals in each target company that experienced the problem and had a budget to fix it. This was always a challenging task, that has become even harder today. Today, start-ups must not only identify a problem that needs solving, but they must compete against "digital transformation" initiatives in both the business and IT organizations that are trying to reduce complexity through the elimination of applications, customized software solutions, IT systems, multiple instances of ERPs and vendors. The goal of many organizations today is to simplify the IT environment, and to make business proce... (more)

A World-Class Website for a Revolutionary Service

Monitis, a provider of affordable, easy-to-use, 100% Cloud-based, network and systems monitoring solutions, today announced that it has launched a totally new and completely revamped website. This addition caps a 12 month period in which Monitis has doubled its user base, won the 451 Group's prestigious "Most Innovative Start-up" award for 2009, and driven a development schedule and roll out of one game-changing product after another. According to Founder and CEO Hovhannes Avoyan, "Our Cloud-based, SaaS-driven, all-in-one suite internal and external monitoring tools is so far ahead of the game, that likely for the last 12 months and certainly for the last 6 months, there has been absolutely no comparison between the value and difference-making features we offer and the rest of the competition. Yet, until now our website didn't reflect our radical advantages. As of t... (more)

BEA Co-Founder Wants to Make Biz Apps Social

BEA co-founder Alfred Chuang, who was running the joint when Oracle swooped in and bought it three years ago for $8.5 billion, has raised a $12.6 million A round led by Andreessen Horowitz for a new start-up called Magnet Systems. Magnet's got a cloud-ified development platform called WIN, short for Workplace Interaction Network, that's supposed to be used to build and deploy so-called enterprise social applications that work on Amazon and let business people connect and collaborate the way the hoi polloi does on Facebook and Twitter, automatically linking up existing social networking connections. It's Chuang's premise that enterprise apps need to be socialized. "It's almost impossible to believe," he writes in a blog, "but after hundreds of millions of people worldwide have embraced social applications in nearly every aspect of their personal lives, businesses are s... (more)

AppZero Named to “10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch”

AppZero, the fastest way to move enterprise server applications to the cloud, has announced that it has been named to‘s "10 Hot Cloud Startups to Watch" compiled by Startup 50 writer Jeff Vance.  The 10 companies making the list were selected from a "top 25" list that was nominated to the Startup 50 blog. Factors in moving onto the final list were:  the company's standings following a vote, viability of product, competitive advantages and management team's pedigree.There will be a new round of voting to rank the companies on the top 10 list.  Please vote for AppZero here. According to Vance, AppZero made the list because, moving applications from traditional IT systems to the cloud isn't easy. AppZero encapsulates an application and its dependencies in a "virtual application appliance," without a virtual machine (VM). The result is an application that is fl... (more)

AdMobius Comes Out of Stealth With the First Mobile Audience Management Platform

SAN MATEO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 09/25/12 -- AdMobius launched today to enable publishers and advertisers to discover and target relevant audiences at scale for the first time. Its Audience Management Platform improves the performance and reach of ad campaigns for mobile advertising technology companies by aggregating mobile data to build target consumer segments. The company has closed a $5m Series-A investment round led by Opus Capital and Storm Ventures to solve the challenge of mobile audience targeting. Audience buying has become a standard way to reach audiences online, but its application in mobile has been limited by the difficulty in identifying mobile audience targets at sufficient scale. By organizing and interpreting unique demographic- and interest-based information, AdMobius builds sizable mobile audience segments, from sports enthusiasts to style maven... (more)

Why Are There No Clouds Yet in Turkey?

Cem Sertoglu's Blog I get pitched by a large number of Turkish internet startups, and none of them, not one, so far, have built their application using cloud computing. I wonder why that is. It seems to me that the cloud computing service providers like Google App Engine, AWS and 10gen, offer a solid, scalable solution. On top of this, all of the non-cloud Turkish alternatives are more expensive than their US counterparts. Yet, you read about companies like going 100% cloud and I can not name a single Turkish company following suit. Interesting. [This post appeared originally here. Republished in full by kind permission of the author. It is republished under the Creative Commons license.] This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. ... (more)

Altor Networks selected as InformationWeek Startup 50 Tech Company

Altor Networks announced today that InformationWeek selected Altor Networks as one of the top Startup 50 tech companies shaking up IT. This prestigious award recognized Altor Networks for its innovation, value and enterprise-readiness, as well as reader votes. “It was difficult to limit ourselves to 50 startups because there’s a lot of exciting companies out there. That said, we believe the Startup 50 have innovative solutions to critical business problems and are worthy of enterprise consideration,” said Andrew Conry-Murray, Business Editor, InformationWeek. The Information Week editorial staff made the final selection based on reader votes and their analysis of several criteria: innovation and the companies' ability to inject new ways of doing things into business processes; value, which is reflected in lower costs, increased sales, higher productivity, or impr... (more)

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. Obtains up to $1.5 Million in Funding

SemBioSys Genetics, specializing in the manufacture of high-value proteins and oils in plant seeds, today announced that it has reached an agreement with AVAC Ltd. for a $1.5 million loan for the development of its Apo AIMilano candidate. AVAC is a private, not-for-profit company that invests in research initiatives and early stage commercial businesses that expand Alberta's value-added industry. The funds will be advanced with an upfront payment followed by two smaller installments based on the execution of short term Apo AIMilano development milestones expected to be completed by January 2010. The funds are repayable at the end of 18 months with interest. "This funding comes at a very important time as it will contribute towards the achievement of near-term objectives for our Apo AIMilano candidate and allow us to leverage additional funding opportunities," said J... (more)

Six Steps to Building an Open Source Cloud Company

Since starting Enomaly almost 5 1/2 years ago we've learned a lot about the bootstrapping, building and management of an open source business. Over that time the open source model for application development and marketing has grown from a fringe approach to mainstream model being used by a significant portion of the software & technology industry. Recently with the emergence of cloud computing, open source has become an even more important aspect in the modern enterprise technology landscape. By using the cloud we are no longer locked into a single server, data center or network but instead have a global cloud of ever changing resources to choose from. In this new software world, managing licenses has become a complex endeavor, luckily the solution is an easy one -- Use Open Source software. Today I thought I'd share a few tips on creating an enterprise focused open s... (more)

Damn You Google, Damn You Yahoo! Why D'Ya Do This to Us?

A strange dynamic has taken hold on the internet.  Just as people expect sunshine and air to be free, they also expect internet based software applications to be free.  Ok, maybe not completely free… they agree someone should pay, just not them.  Damn you Google, damn you Yahoo! why did you do this to us? With companies left and right offering full versions of their products for free,  users have been conditioned NOT to pay for anything.  This conditioning can be seen across everything from social media sites to messaging to business applications.  The problem with this as I see it is the negative impact on innovation. Users think that they win by getting free software or services, but do they really?  If you ask me the only real winners in the free ecosystem are the investors behind well funded companies.  By locking down markets with free offerings companies can ... (more)